Central Ohio Ntrak (CONtrak for short) is a multi scale model railroad club located at 3840 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio. Open on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm. The club house consists of an HO scale layout, a small T-Trak layout, and we are in progress of building an N scale layout. CONtrak has displayed N, HO, Z and T-Track modular railroads, as well as, members Lego at several events including the Hartford Fair since 2003, Marion Train Show, Buckeye Show, Great Train Show, World's Greatest Hobby, and CONtrak Ohio N-Scale Weekend since 2009. For further information use the contact us page below. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Cancellation of the 12th Annual Central Ohio NTrak Weekend

April 6, 2020
RE: Cancellation of Ohio N-scale weekend:

Vendors, Participants, and the General public:

We have waited as long as possible to make a decision about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the 12th Ohio N-scale weekend Scheduled for May 16-17, 2020.

Regrettably, We have decided to cancel the 12th Ohio N-scale weekend. 

While the current stay at home order Governor Mike DeWine issued is scheduled to expire on May 1st, the governor has indicated that a slow return to normal will be required after the stay at home order is lifted.  Our show definitely falls above the 100 person gathering restriction the governor issued prior to the stay at home order.  We do not believe this limit will be removed prior to the show.

We made an effort to secure a date later in the year to hold the show, but the only date our venue has available is in the middle of prime train show season.  We believe this will make it impossible to have a show of the quality we expect.

Participants and Vendors:

If you have already paid for registrations and/or tables, we will issue a full refund or apply the funds you have sent us to the 2021 Ohio N-Scale Weekend.  Dates for the 2021 show will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, please contact us at ohionscaleweekend@yahoo.com

Thank You,
Paul Bender
Mike Kohler
12th Ohio N-scale weekend Co-Chairs